My teaching centers around a combination of remote-sensing and earth-data sciences. In the classroom, we rely on a variety of data sources (remote sensing, field data, modeling output), programming environments (Python, C, Matlab), and geochemical tools (e.g., cosmogenic nuclides and stable isotopes) to quantify geoscientific processes. In the past years, we have developed a modern remote sensing and earth-surface processes curriculum and we are running an international MSc program Remote Sensing, geoInformation, and Visualization (see the university’s application website and the international program listed at the DAAD). All teaching materials are available on the Moodle platform at the University of Potsdam.

At the undergraduate (BSc) level, I am teaching a mandatory introductory class to GIS and Remote Sensing (3 SWS Grundlagen der Geoinformationssysteme including a 3 SWS seminar/lab)

At the graduate (MSc) level, I am teaching the following classes: