Advising of BSc and MSc theses

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Past theses advising

There have been several MSc and BSc theses advised in the past years. These were at the University of California, Santa Barbara in the Deparments of Geography and Earth Sciences, at the University of Potsdam in the Institute of Geosciences, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Geography, Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, and at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, Technical University of Berlin. Below is an incomplete list of MSc and BSc theses.

List of advised MSc thesis in reversed chronological order


Nr.YearAuthorTitleDepartment and DegreeAdditional information and PDF link (if available)
492022Samuel RussellThe Application of UAV and Satellite Data to Map Palaeontological Sample SitesIoG, MSc RSIV 
482022Roi HendlerA Simple Method to Estimate Transpiration Rates of Savannah Shrub Stands Based on Allometric Relationships and UAV imageryMSc EEC 
472022Bashini MahaarachchiIdentifying vehicle parking lots from aerial images using deep learning methodsMSc Data Science 
462022Yiğit Öner AltıntaşMeasuring high-resolution surface deformation signals in Turkey using Sentinel-1 radar interferometryIoG, MSc RSIV 
452022Jonas KordtHow to date the deflection of the Sutlej RiverUniversity of Kiel 
442022Max HessDeciduous Tree Segmentation using Generated Tree Stands and Geometric NetworksIoESG, MSc RSIV 
432022Sandra WobeserCatchment-Wide Denudation Rates from the Western Himalaya: Detrital Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides (TCN) from the Sutlej RiverIoG, MSc RSIV 
422021Martin LangQuantifying landscape-evolution rates across the Argentinean Puna Plateau using geochemical methodsIoG, MSc Geoscience 
412021Nicolas GarciaSlow-moving landslide detection in the western Himalaya using Sentinel-1 radar time seriesIoG, MSc RSIV 
402021Shaig HamzaliyevReconstructing ground surfaces from full waveform Lidar dataIoG, MSc RSIV 
392021Farid AtmaniCanopy height estimation of the Namibian Savanna Forest with ICESat-2 and GEDI missionsIoG, MSc RSIVThesis published in Remote Sensing DOI
382021Najibullah KakarExploiting high-resolution InSAR Rate Maps to the Fullest: Fault Slip, Landslides and Groundwater Changes in Northeastern AfghanistanIoG, MSc RSIV 
372021David EichhornTree detection and tree species identification from dense LiDAR point cloud for Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, GermanyIoESG, MSc Geoecology 
362021Anna RosnerDating glacial moraines on the volcanic Complex Quevar in NW Argentina using the cosmogenic nuclides 26Al, 10Be, and 21NeIoG, MSc Geoscience 
352020Ifeyani OkaroThe Sixth Sense of White Storks - Towards an E2E Service for Locust Threat AlarmsIoG, MSc RSIV 
342020Philipp JordanApplications of pointcloud and full-waveform Lidar data for object detectionIoG, MSc RSIV 
332020Franziska MoulijiEine Zeitreihenanalyse der Vegetationsänderung in den Anden von 1998 bis 2014IoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
322020Ariane MütingGenerating high-resolution DEMs from tri-stereo satellite imagery: A geomorphologic case study in the Quebrada del Toro, NW ArgentinaIoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenPDF of MSc thesis
312020Felix KeßlerNear-real time detection of lake ice using Sentinel-1 dataIoG, MSc RSIVPDF of MSc thesis
302020Sascha RabinowitschDie Ermittlung von Genauigkeiten und Anwendungsszenarios für fernerkundlich erhobene Punktwolken am Beispiel des Campus GolmIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
292020Kristian KragielTerrestrial lidar scanning and point cloud classification of the „Neues Palais“, University of PotsdamIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
282019Elena LeflerKlassifikation der Seen auf dem Hochland von Tibet mittels Google Earth EngineIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
272019Mohammad ZarchGround Deformation Monitoring in Mining Areas on the Central Andean Plateau (Puna, Argentina) Using Sentinel-1 DataInstitute of Geodesy and Geoinformation Science, TU Berlin 
262019Richard MommertzMapping bedfast and floating thermokarst lake ice and determining lake depth using Sentinel 1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing on the west shore of Hudson Bay, Canada and Prudhoe Bay, AlaskaIoESG, MSc Geoökologie 
252019Frederic BriegerDerivation of Biophysical Metrics for NE-Siberian Biomes using UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point CloudsIoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenMSc thesis published in remote sensing
242019Nicole MätzingUntersuchungen der organischen Kohlenstoffspezies im Grundwasser des Wasserwerks Potsdam-Rehbrücke in Bezug zu den geologischen, technischen und klimatischen RahmenbedingungenIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
232019Steffen WellegehausenQuality assessment of structure from motion point clouds from river pebblesIoESG, MSc Geoökologie 
222019Maximilian SemlerKartierung von Bergstürzen und Massenbewegungen in den Nordwestargentinischen Anden mit SAR KohärenzmessungenIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
212018Bastian ThummDie Verknüpfung von Fußgängerdistanzen und Distanzen des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs als Optimierung von lagebezogenen ImmobilienbewertungenIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
202018Lisa DieckEvaluating groundwater sustainability of mining activities in the Niger basinIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
192018René ManiaDome growth during the 2016-2017 eruption sequence at Bezymianny volcano, Kamchatka, measured by high-resolution TerraSAR-X and photogrammetric dataIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
182017Nicolas WernerSpatiotemporal patterns and driving factors of lake size variability since 1985, Central Andean Plateau, South AmericaIoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenPDF of MSc thesis
172017Björn Tobias BroschagPrecision and Accuracy Assessment of glacier elevation changes from TanDEM-X data for the Batura glacier, Karakoram HimalayaIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
162017Bartosz MazurkiewiczOpenStreetMap als Grundlage für eine (semi-) automatisierte Generierung von Trainingsgebieten bei der Klassifizierung von FernerkundungsdatenIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
152017Konstantin EtlingFrom weather to climate: constraints for ecological models in Southern AfricaInstitute of Biochemistry and Biology, MSc Biology 
142017Felix HemsingTeilautomatisierte urbane Gebäudeinventur mittels FernerkundungsmethodenIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
132017Eike JuliusMöglichkeiten und Grenzen der objektbasierten Bildanalyse historischer panchromatischer Luftbilder am Beispiel der Abgrenzung urbaner Flächen in PotsdamIoG, MSc Geoinformation und Visualisierung 
122017Fabian MaschlerLocality-based Clustering of Large Complex Networks for Climate StudiesHasso Plattner Institut, University of Potsdam 
112017Erik HoffmannMigrationsanalyse des Untergrundes mittels zweidimensionaler Kreuzkorrelation der Catamarca-Provinz in NW Argentinien, basierend auf zeitlich varianten Daten differenter FernerkundungssystemeIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
102016Markus NennewitzAlong strike variation of active fault arrays and their effect on landscape morphology in the northwestern HimalayaIoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenMSc thesis published in Lithosphere
92016Belinda SeigLandscape response to alternating wet and dry seasons observed by remotely sensed data in the Chew Bahir basin, EthiopiaIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
82016Lisa Victoria LunaA glacial chronology and cosmogenic nuclide cross-calibration from the central southern Andean Plateau (Puna, 24S)IoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenMSc thesis published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters
72016Benjamin PurintonValidation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) & Derived Geomorphic Metrics on the Southern Central Andean Plateau*IoG, MSc GeowissenschaftenPDF of MSc thesis MSc thesis published in Earth Surface Dynamics
62016René BöhmUntersuchungen der Flussbreite mittels hochauflösender Satelliten- und Luftbilder und Implikationen für die Geologie und Tektonik der NW Argentinischen Anden (Salta Provinz)IoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
52016Heidi StageKartierung der Gletscherflächen, Schneelinien und Permafrostgebiete in den Zentralanden über die letzten 30 Jahre mittels fernerkundlicher MethodenIoG, MSc Geowissenschaften 
42015Alexander NeelyThe Hillslope Signature of Knickpoints Resulting from Stream Capture, Coastal Processes, and Resistant Bedrock on Santa Cruz Island, CA: Insights from and Automated Knickpoint-Selection AlgorithmEarth Science Department, UC Santa BarbaraMSc thesis published in JGR-Earth Surface
32015John Potapenko*High-Resolution LiDAR Pointcloud Data Processing, Computation, and Visualization with Application to Erosion Analysis of the California Channel IslandsGeography Department, UC Santa Barbara 
22014Taylor SmithGlacial Response to Climate Change in the Tien Shan Mountain Range of Central AsiaGeography Department, UC Santa BarbaraPDF of MSc thesis MSc thesis published in The Cryosphere
12013Maiana HanshawGlacial Areas, Lakes Areas, and Snowlines from 1975-2012: Status of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Including the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Northern Central Andes, PeruGeography Department, UC Santa BarbaraMSc thesis published in The Cryosphere

List of advised BSc thesis in reversed chronological order

Nr.YearAuthorTitleDepartment and Degree
112021Christian PfaffMultispektrale Analyse der Waldbrandgebiete in Nordostdeutschland von 2017-2020IoESG, BSc Geoökologie
102020Benjamin HuxolTopography of the Jasmund Cliff coast (Ruegen) - a quantitative analysisIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
92019Pia PetzoldSediment-grain size changes along the Quebrada del Toro River in NW ArgentinaIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
82019Nadja SiebzehnrüblVeränderungen in der Landbedeckung der Mu Us WüsteIoESG, BSc Geoökologie
72019Felix TischerFernerkundliche Erfassung von Gewässerqualität in Brandenburg mit Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS und Sentinel-2 MSI SensorenIoESG, BSc Geoökologie
62018Hoang Anh Vu TuyenDetektierung und Kartierung von Methanquellen in eisbedeckten Seen mittels hochauflösender FernerkundungIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
52018Ariane MütingClassification and spectral unmixing of remote sensing data for the Batura Glacier, KarakoramIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
42016Sascha RabinowitschBestimmung der Flussaufschotterung in Nord/West-Argentinien mittels digitaler GeländemodelleIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
32016Alicja BalfanzDeciphering seasonal vegetation gradients along a topographic transect in NW ArgentinaIoESG, BSc Geoökologie
22016Anne KlopproggeRemote Sensing Based Classification of Geologic Units oft he Puna Plateau in NW ArgentinaIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften
12015Anna RosnerAnalyzing Cosmogenic Nuclides for Surface Dating and Determination of Geomorphological Process RatesIoG, BSc Geowissenschaften